GMOs of the Future…What’s next?

Will GMOs continue to be part of our food system in the future? This depends on both the social science of consumer acceptance and biological science important for food and environmental safety. The future will also be shaped by advances in genetics.
The world’s understanding of genetics is continually expanding and these discoveries lead to new technologies that can be used to change the genetic make up of living organisms. Gene editing is a recently discovered process that occurs in nature and can now be used by biologists to direct changes in the genes already found in the genomes of plants, animals, or microbes.
Watch this video to learn the difference between gene editing and genetic engineering. In order to view the full screen version of the video, please click the title of the video in the upper-left corner of the frame.

In the video below, learn how an animal biologist can use gene editing technology to edit genes or genetic engineering to add a gene to make changes in the genetic makeup of a pig to solve a problem.