Take the Challenge

The 3 items in this section (accessed through the menu) comprised the previous year’s Nebraska State FFA Biotechnology contest.  Whether you are studying for the next FFA contest, or are just looking to gauge your understanding of the material you will find these resources useful!

1.  Flashcards:  These virtual flashcards will help you become more familiar with the tools scientists use in genetic engineering.

2.  Classroom Activity:  This is a PDF of a case study that was designed for small groups to solve, then present to a judge.  However, you can complete this on your own or adapt it to meet the needs of workshops and classrooms.

3.  Biotechnology Contest Exam:  This is the same exam taken during the Biotechnology Contest.  If you would like to incorporate scores on this exam into a portion of a course, each student has the ability to e-mail their results when they finish the quiz.