The ability to move DNA from one organism to another in order to get novel traits is hailed by many as an incredible technology.  Genetic engineering has already helped us begin to fight important problems in food production and nutrition.  However, new technology does not come without concern.  The videos on this page were made by advocates to address some of the most common of these concerns.

Scroll through the videos below to hear different arguments for the technology.  Use the titles to determine which videos pique your interest. These videos were graciously shared by, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the University of Nebraska.

How is a genetically engineered food different?

What Do You Want to Know About GMO Food? GMO 101

Are GMOs dangerous to eat?

Are there any health risks associated with eating GMOs?

Do GMOs harm the environment?

Where are GMOs in the grocery store?  Are they labeled?  Are they less nutritious?

This video is an hour lecture given by a plant molecular geneticist about GM controversy and the science.

Heuermann Lectures