What’s to come…

Genetic engineering is a technology that can help scientists solve problems and make new discoveries. Many different kinds of scientists must work together, applying their specific skills and knowledge, to accomplish the eventual goal of changing the genetic makeup of an organism to better meet the needs of people.

This site is set up to help you learn the science of genetic engineering and get to know the scientists who do it.  Each section is set up to  equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to meet the scientist and learn their piece of the genetic engineering story.

Each section will include:

1. Instructional resources that prepare you with relevant knowledge to understand the step of genetic engineering and prepare you to meet the scientist

2. “In the lab” or “In the field” video where the researcher lets you into their piece of the genetic engineering process

3. A quiz that can help you be sure you caught the important details – If you are using this site as part of a class, you can e-mail your quiz results to your instructor.

In addition check out our “Test your knowledge” and “Risks and Benefits” sections accessible from the home page.

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Intro to the Journey of a Gene – SDS from PASSeL on MediaHub.

Closed captions are available on this video.

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