Step 2: Field Scale

The home is located at the end of a cul-de-sac and is two stories with the garage under part of the house. There are four apple trees in total, planted in what is often considered a “hellstrip”. One border of the bed is the driveway, while the other is a short retaining wall with the adjacent property a treed hill underplanted with ornamentals. The bed is approximately 3ft wide by 30ft long. The yard opposite the apple trees has a retaining wall and is sloped down from the house to the street. Neighboring homes are situated similarly, making the street and driveways lower in elevation to the rest of the surrounding area.



The trees are planted on the west side of the house and on the north end of the driveway, which is the south side of the hill on the adjacent property. They receive full sunlight after mid-morning for much of the year.