Step 3: Plant Scale

The trees were grafted onto dwarf or semi-dwarf rootstock to keep them from growing too large for a small space and make harvesting easier; this is a common practice. The individual trees each looked well established, vigorous and had no apparent signs of nutrient deficiency or disease. The bark had no splitting and appeared in good condition. The trees were part of a regular feeding schedule along with the rest of the property, existing largely of annuals and other heavy feeders.

The trees had been planted at least five years prior and had grown to be approximately 10ft tall. Fully matured apples on dwarfed rootstock typically grow to about 15ft. They had been pruned yearly with standard tree canopy practices for shade trees and ornamentals, had excellent airflow and were trimmed up to allow cars to pass freely by.

Each tree was a different variety, but the names were not known without looking up records.